Hello and welcome! I'm Sharon Giordano and this is my creative space. I'm passionate about vintage, shabby chic and all that goes with it. That includes anything that is glittery, romantic, floral or pink. If it is fanciful or whimsical, all the better! I love all things creative - from photography to paper arts to calligraphy, home decor, flower gardens and more. I keep busy with a full-time job but in my dream life, I am doing creative things every single day. Playing with papers and glitter, sewing fabulous items, and redecorating a room in my house. A girl can always dream!

Since I was a child, I've always loved working on creative projects. Art was always one of my favorite subjects. Once I got into junior high school, I could not wait to take home economics, which I continued throughout high school. Beginning in junior high, I began sewing much of my own clothes. I loved cooking and when I was 12, I joined the James Beard Cookbook of the Month Club. Around that time, I made a full turkey dinner and Baked Alaska for dessert. From ages 12 - 16, I took charge of our weekly grocery shopping and nightly dinner preparation. While I continued taking art classes in high school, I also took auto shop, mainly because girls had not been allowed up until that year and I wanted to prove a point! 

Once I began college as a business major, I found little time to continue my creative pursuits. Life was so busy keeping up with schoolwork and working my way through college. About 15 years ago, I found I needed a creative outlet to help with the stresses of life in the corporate world. I jumped in full force and thus began my addiction to all things creative. While taking a break from work, I immersed myself in calligraphy, which was something I always wanted to learn. While working on some basic hands, I discovered Copperplate, which is an elegant script (it's one you see quite often on wedding invitations). I focused on that hand and still get such pleasure drawing those letters. I also took as many art workshops as I could including several calligraphy, plus book making, mosaics, water color painting, scrap booking, card making, paper arts, photography and more. What a joyous time! 

I love to learn and I love to teach and share with others, so I also developed and taught many workshops including:
  • Collage Cards and Pictures
  • Silk Ribbon Flowers
  • Artistic Cards With an Elegant Touch
  • Elegant Embossed Velvet Accordion Books
  • Decorative Mini-Books as Jewelry
  • Fabulous, Fun Decorative Mini-Boxes
  • Dazzling & Creative Christmas Cards
  • Entertaining With Flair
During that time, I also painted my entire first floor of my house and some of the upstairs. I'm proud to say that I tamed those cathedral ceilings and tall walls all by myself. I completed decorating my house and I must say I adore my antique tea cart with all it's tea time touches. I've enjoyed arranging tea parties at my house adding special touches along the way. Nothing makes me happier than surprising friends and family with a beautiful setting, good food and extra little touches that make each person feel special. 

I am always looking for new conferences and workshops to attend. I'm super excited to attend a four-day photography workshop with Karen Russell coming up this summer. Other in-person ones include:
  • The Creative Connection Event in 2011
  • Tracey Clark's Photography workshop in 2011
  • Me Ra Koh's Photography workshop in 2010
  • Silver Bella in 2009
It's safe to say that I have a particular fondness for vintage items - I love that they have a past and a story. Those things mean more to me than new items. Nothing is more fun than finding vintage treasures at the flea market or a garage sale. 

One thread that has run through my life is my love of photography. My dad got me interested as a child and from then on, I became the family photographer. It's changed so much with digital and post-processing software tools but I love what's possible today. I continue to take photography classes and often have take 100 photos or more on weekends as I set up my own little photo shoots. Of course, my cat Gracie always jumps right in!

My home is in northern California where I work in Marketing for a non-profit organization. My background includes working for Fortune 500 companies in financial services and technology. I enjoy being able to be creative each day, whether in my marketing work or through my outside creative pursuits.

Thanks so much for visiting!