Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Time

The following three photos processed with textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
I'm so happy that my favorite flowers are in bloom. Unfortunately, they have a very short season but not matter, I'll be buying them every week until it ends.

The ranunculus flowers are grown in the coastal area near Half Moon Bay, where the vendor who sells them at our local farmer's market is from. Oh, she has other flowers, but I have to pass them by right now.

These are just too pretty not to go home with me. Now, if I can just keep Nipper from eating the petals. Silly cat.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Rose is a Rose

Scented Roses 

Oh, I love these roses. $3.99 a bunch at Trader Joe's so I bought two this weekend. Pink, and white. First, I had them in one large vase. Then, I split them up into several small vases. However, they were all in the same room as I photographed them. 18 roses all together. Beautiful to look at. 

And then, I walked by them in the evening and the scent of all those roses hit me full on. Instant migraine! Unfortunately, I am sensitive to many scents including flowers. Who would think such lovely things from nature would inspire such a reaction. Ah well, I would put them throughout the house if Nipper would not make a meal of them.

Regardless, I'll still be buying roses. Maybe I just won't buy so many. I think I'll bring some to work this week, well, maybe one in a bud vase!