Monday, February 17, 2014

I Love February

February Favorites

Ooh, it's been feeling like spring lately. Even Trader Joe's has ranunculus now. I was so excited to see them because I wait for them each year. Unfortunately, I do need to place them in the garage each night as Nipper tends to make a meal out of them. The past few days, I've had to guard them before she has had a chance to make them dinner!

We're just a few days past Valentine's Day. I enjoyed taking some themed photos with my iPhone and posting them on Instagram. You can see them here on their feed. I post quite often, so feel free to follow me at @afancifullife.

February is a month I look forward to each year. Aside from Valentine's Day, we have President's Day, a birthday, and usually some vacation days. And then there are the cherry blossom trees outside my house that begin to bloom. I'd say February is one of my favorite months. I hope you are enjoying this month as much as I am!


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Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Just found you on Instagram and had to come over and check out your blog. I adore your photography!