Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's November Already

My poor blog has been left unattended as I've been spending my online time on Instagram this year. However, I'm still taking photos of lovely things. Since my iPhone is so handy, it makes it easy to take them on the spot.

Oh, I still love my big girl cameras, and I've been taking lots of photos with them too. I've taken some good photography classes this year and I'm looking forward to more next year. Life just gets so busy though!

The holiday season is upon us and I can't wait to bring out my Christmas decor. I'm ready! Just last week I purchased two new Christmas decorations. Oh, I'm trying not to, but these two I could not resist. Photos to come!

Today I had turkey and stuffing for lunch, courtesy of Whole Foods Market, and next week is our staff Thanksgiving lunch at work. How did it get here so quick? No matter, I'm gearing up to get into holiday mode. How about you?


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Floral Spring

Processed with textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
Yes, spring is all about flowers for me. Each week, I can't wait to buy new flowers at my local farmer's market or Trader Joe's. I've accumulated so many vases, jars and other objects to put them in that I've run out of room for them all. My absolute favorite are the ranunculus but unfortunately, their season is short and it's now over. I do have a ton of them that I dried and I don't have room for them either!

Processed with textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday
My posting has become for infrequent as I've been posting on Instagram almost daily. While I prefer photos taken with my DSLR, it's just so easy and convenient to take them with my iPhone and post them. I invite you to follow me there - just click the button at the top of this page to find me. 

Processed with textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
I've also been spending time practicing my calligraphy. I took a wonderful workshop recently called Petals and Penmanship were we did both calligraphy and floral arranging. It was taught by the amazing Maybelle Imasa. Other things keeping me busy include trying to keep up with the multitude of classes I'm enrolled in at any time, photographing new and old objects around my house, and a little remodeling. I recently had granite counters installed in my kitchen (along with a new faucet and sink), and marble countertops in my bathrooms. The kitchen cabinets were painted white and it's like having a brand new kitchen. Love!

However, what they say is true. One thing leads to another and now I need some painting and drywall work done, but one step at a time! I'd love to slow down and enjoy the journey but I'm so type A, it's a bit challenging. Well, one breath at a time!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Time

The following three photos processed with textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
I'm so happy that my favorite flowers are in bloom. Unfortunately, they have a very short season but not matter, I'll be buying them every week until it ends.

The ranunculus flowers are grown in the coastal area near Half Moon Bay, where the vendor who sells them at our local farmer's market is from. Oh, she has other flowers, but I have to pass them by right now.

These are just too pretty not to go home with me. Now, if I can just keep Nipper from eating the petals. Silly cat.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Rose is a Rose

Scented Roses 

Oh, I love these roses. $3.99 a bunch at Trader Joe's so I bought two this weekend. Pink, and white. First, I had them in one large vase. Then, I split them up into several small vases. However, they were all in the same room as I photographed them. 18 roses all together. Beautiful to look at. 

And then, I walked by them in the evening and the scent of all those roses hit me full on. Instant migraine! Unfortunately, I am sensitive to many scents including flowers. Who would think such lovely things from nature would inspire such a reaction. Ah well, I would put them throughout the house if Nipper would not make a meal of them.

Regardless, I'll still be buying roses. Maybe I just won't buy so many. I think I'll bring some to work this week, well, maybe one in a bud vase!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Day Two: Mobile Posting Experiment

Happy day to you! My computer is at the Apple store being repaired, so I haven't yet seen my last blog post. After I posted, I realized that the photo was cropped and low res for Instagram, so I'm posting another today in my continued experiment on mobile posting. I'll have to see if this one looks different. Do you see a difference?  

Today is my last day of vacation, so I must make the most of it. I plan to practice my calligraphy and take a few photos, after spending a lot of time running around on errands. Of course, not having my Mac will keep me unplugged which is actually a good thing! Enjoy your day today!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mobile Posting

Today I'm testing the Blogger app on my iPhone. I've never posted from my phone before, so consider this a test! If you post from your phone, please let me know how it works for you. In the meantime, I hope this image looks okay or else it's going bye-bye with this app! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

I Love February

February Favorites

Ooh, it's been feeling like spring lately. Even Trader Joe's has ranunculus now. I was so excited to see them because I wait for them each year. Unfortunately, I do need to place them in the garage each night as Nipper tends to make a meal out of them. The past few days, I've had to guard them before she has had a chance to make them dinner!

We're just a few days past Valentine's Day. I enjoyed taking some themed photos with my iPhone and posting them on Instagram. You can see them here on their feed. I post quite often, so feel free to follow me at @afancifullife.

February is a month I look forward to each year. Aside from Valentine's Day, we have President's Day, a birthday, and usually some vacation days. And then there are the cherry blossom trees outside my house that begin to bloom. I'd say February is one of my favorite months. I hope you are enjoying this month as much as I am!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Cheers To A New Year

It's a New Year!

Happy new year to you! It was a short holiday season and here we are in 2014 already. 

I've started on my resolutions, have you?

Each year I make a list organized by different categories. Oh, I never complete the entire list, but that's okay. I know I'm too ambitious but there's alway so much to be done, to learn, or to plan. 

This year I've actually contemplated not reviewing my lists throughout the year, but rather just concentrating on whatever the moment calls for.

I'm not sure I can actually do that, but it's a nice thought!

My favorite holiday item this season? Why, it's this adorable bear holding a tree in one paw and a toy sheep in the other. I said I wasn't going to buy any more Christmas decor this year, but there were some things I found that could not be passed up. 

As time goes by, and the nature of things change, I've found myself taking more and more photos with my iPhone and posting them on Instagram. 

I love using apps such as Afterlight, Snapseed and PicTapGo to edit the photos. It's hard not to be addicted to that!
It's all very quick and easy; such is the changing landscape of social media these days. There's so much inspiration to be found there in the palm of your hand.

Cheers to a brand new year!