Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rosy Times

Remnants of Roses

The week before last, I bought a bunch of mixed roses. After a few days, I put them from one vase into several small ones. They lasted much longer than the peonies I bought last week which only lasted a matter of days. They may be getting shabby, but I don't mind.

The floral selection was not so good this week at Trader Joe's. They had rearranged the store and that department seemed a bit smaller. So, since I had purchased a ton of things already from the farmer's market and will be so busy getting things prepared for Father's Day, I decided to forego them this one week.
Tomorrow, I'll check out my own rose bushes, and if there are blooms, I'll cut some of them. That's between a bit of cooking, cleaning, photographing, visiting... it's a busy day!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Reasons to Love the Month of June

So Excited for the Month of June

So far, so good this month. Yesterday I attended two classes given by Paul Van Allen, a national trainer for Nikon, at our local camera store. I got some great tips and was really inspired to try using the video feature in my camera.

My sister and I had a great lunch at the Fish Market in Palo Alto in between classes. The weather was really warm and we sat outside in their patio surrounded by flowers. I could have sat there all afternoon!

Today someone came over to see my sad backyard and help me determine what needs to be done to make it pretty again. I'm really excited that we'll be putting in a lot of new flowers and plants. There are so many ways to go in terms of options. Ground cover, shrubs, trees, vines, flowers, etc. So many decisions! So looking forward to getting my backyard in shape again and spending time in it during the summer. Of course, all my bunny and fairy statuary will be placed throughout the plants, giving them a new home. Who knows, I may have to even buy bunnies and fairies.

And the big reason I'm excited for June is that I'll be attending a photography workshop from Karen Russell. I've admired her photography for years but besides that, she's a really cool person. So down-to-earth and she has the most adorable family. I can't wait to meet them as I've followed them on her blog for a number of years. There will be nine ladies in the workshop and we'll be working together from early in the morning to late at night. So hoping I learn a lot!

Oh, and did I mention one of my favorite days in the year is June 21? Yes, the first day of summer always makes me happy.