Monday, November 4, 2013

Missing Spring

Processed with textures from Kim Klassen at the Kim Klassen Cafe
Oh, yes. I know it's not spring. But I just had to experiment with some prettiness. I've been inspired lately by Sarah Gardner at Sarah Gardner Photography. Her work is very dreamy and pretty. So, I took this lovely spring flower, and added some textures to create this. Oh, how I wish ranunculus were still in season!



Denise Fabian said...

Saw a random pink rose on a bush on my way to work...a surprise in early November.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful soft tones, beautiful texture work !!

aenee/Lily over from TT

Marrianna said...

Today's flower picture is so beautiful. Love it. I followed the link to Sarah Garner's website and just love her photography. Thank you for sharing. I just posted a grunged photo on Instagram of my Christmas Cactus blooms. I'll be taking more photos because the plant is going crazy. And, I am doing some bulb forcing with paper whites I got at Home Depot. And then there's the amarylis that looks like it's getting close. I promise to do a flower blog post soon.
Blessings, Marrianna

Sarah Huizenga said...

I am can see Sarah Gardner being very much your style. You both have soft dreamy photos and textures.

Nicki said...

This is that flower, whose name shall not apparently be spoken or carried locally. Absolutely love your edit in every way on this one.