Sunday, September 8, 2013

My New Garden

A Garden, At Last

About a month ago, I finally got my backyard to look how I'd only imagined it for several years. It's not a big yard, pretty small actually. But no matter. With just a few rose bushes and an ugly dirt patch, it did not look very happy. So when we hired a garden manager at work, I was hoping that she might help me with my own. Happily, she agreed and the end result is a pretty little garden.

I could not wait to put my reading fairy, garden troll and bunnies in there. Then, I added little mushrooms and mosaic balls. I love the added whimsy and am always on the lookout for more bunnies and fairies.

 Two white rose bushes were added to grow up the trellis for a little more privacy.

I've always loved my little white table and chairs. Since I have more space in the yard, I was looking for another set for the middle area. While at the flea market yesterday, I found this exact same set in grey. It was in the high eighty degrees, and so I thought I would finish going through the rest of the market, and then go back to see it again. Well, I went up and down every row and could not find that booth again. It was so hot, I had to give up because the heat was beginning to affect me. So I decided it was not meant to be just yet, and I'll continue my search.

Did I mention that in addition to micro bark to cover the soil, I also added cocoa bark? They are the cocoa bean shells and they smell just like cocoa. So often when I'm in the garden, the smell of cocoa wafts by. Smells so good!

So there you have it, my garden as of a month ago. Since then, I've added cosmos and the pansies have gone wild. They are the happiest plants in the garden, so full and perky. Oh, and some weeds have popped up too. The are tiny, light little things that I just keep pulling out. It looks so pretty now, I just hope it lasts through the winter. Hope you enjoyed seeing my little yard!



Marrianna said...

The back patio and little garden look wonderful and like everything would be easy to maintain. Good job.

Denise Fabian said...

How neat and tiny...light and airy! xo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your garden is beautiful! It doesn't look so small to me. At least you have a space where you can plant and sit out side and enjoy lovely weather. Best wishes, Tammy

Marilyn said...

Your garden is just lovely.....and the bougainvillea
is a stunner with the pale blossoms.

Nicki said...

Such a lovely garden - I like the clean lines and uncluttered styling. We inherited, added a bit, and now it is a regular jungle. I'm ready to pull everything and install box shrubs - ugh!