Monday, April 1, 2013

Cupcakes and Cats

Cupcake photo processed with textures from Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday
Happy Birthday Nippy

Today Nipper, our black and white tuxedo cat, is eight years old.  I'd love to show you a photo of her, but she sleeps all day and doesn't do much posing.

I wanted to put a birthday hat on her but, well, being a cat, she doesn't do hats either.

My sister discovered a new Kara's Cupcakes store while we were downtown in Burlingame today. Being the cupcake lover she is, she could not resist and bought three, including one for Gracie, our grey and white tuxedo. Yes, I know it was Nip's birthday, but she doesn't eat cupcakes while Gracie goes nuts for cupcakes. Actually, she only eats the frosting.

So here's Gracie (even though it's not her birthday) eyeing the lemon cupcake before she got her licks in. I noticed the pink bunny on top when we got home...they must have had them leftover from Easter. And Nippy? Well, she just napped through it all.



Carol said...

Great post. It was so sweet of Gracie to handle the cupcake duties for Nippy.

Pieni Lintu said...

So lovely!!! I love that happy polka dot plate!

Stephanie said...

We should all have a good friend like Gracie to eat our cupcakes for us. And that is a very pretty cupcake she has. Nice shot.

Sylvia said...

That cupcake looks lovely and delicious, Sharon !
Gracie is so cute, great capture !
And Happy Birthday to Nippy !
Nice evening,

EarlK said...

How well the plate and the cupcake go together. Like that Gracie likes cupcakes.


Nicki said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Nippy. I love the 'I've got you in my sights' expression on Gracie's face. That cupcake (er, icing...) was clearly not long for this world.

Rustique Gal said...

I just love Miss Gracy! She's a girl after my heart. Happy Spring from New England!