Sunday, March 10, 2013

Almost Spring

Almost Spring in California

Yay! It's Daylight Savings time today and that means it stays light longer. Love this time of year!
I purchased these lovely roses recently. Yesterday it was ranunculus from the farmer's market. Since last Spring, I've been buying fresh flowers almost every week. What a wonderful gift this has been to myself. In the past, I didn't buy them anywhere near that frequently. Now, I can't imagine not having them in the house.
When they get a week old or so, I like to trim them down and place them in several small vases. Then, I put them in different places around the house, or I leave them all together as a vignette.
While they are always beautiful as is, I've really enjoyed processing the photos in RadLab to get all these different looks as well. So that's my flower story for today except to mention that Nipper got into the flowers yesterday. She ate some leaves and bit off a flower head. Bad kitty! Flowers in the kitchen are not safe around her but she doesn't seem to bother them upstairs.

Spring is right around the corner and I'm glad for that. I adore seeing all the flowers that come up and it's time to buy more for the front of the house. My rose bushes were pruned last month and are starting to come back again. 

I want to start walking more as I sit way too much during the work day, so it's time to plan some different walks in the neighborhood. Luckily, I live a block away from an inlet where the water from the San Francisco bay comes in, so it's great to look for the wildlife along the route. My favorite is the the egret bird, so lovely in their all-white feathers. We're still having a problem with the Canadian geese that stop over here and make this their permanent home. Why keep flying when you have nice weather, water and lots of food here? Occasionally I see the geese patrol guy with his two border collies that are hired to chase the geese off the lawns. Just a temporary solution but apparently job security for him!

Yay for Spring coming soon!



Carol said...

Yes, Spring is almost here. I feel it too.

Nicki said...

It is through your collection of flowers and subsequent photos of them that has inspired me to make a point to pick up flowers every now and again. So I too am grateful that you pick up a bouquet each week. Merci!