Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome February

No Flea Market This Weekend :-(

I'm missing the flea market this weekend so I am a bit disappointed. Yes, the virus that has been hitting everyone has found me. Ugh. I think my time spent at the preschool this past week is coming back to bite me! Let's see... the good part is that 1) I'm saving money and 2) I don't have to feel guilty for not going since I can't go when I'm sick 3) so far, it doesn't seem to be a very bad cold but we'll have to see tomorrow. Oh, and 4), my sweet kitty Gracie was very happy to have me home with her today.

Such is my start to February. Still looking forward to a holiday, a birthday, and some vacation days.  Yes, February is still going to be a good month.   



Nicki said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Carol said...

Get well fast, lots to look forward to this month.