Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Start

It's a New Year

Isn't it wonderful how it always feels like a new start when January comes around? Yes, it's time for resolutions and for many, it's a time to start getting fit and eating healthier. I can certainly say I'm glad to be (almost) done with all the holiday food. As much as I enjoy it, I also enjoy knowing that I'm eating healthily. So this week, I made a vegetable soup with barley and brown rice; and another with roasted butternut squash. If it wasn't for all the delicious sourdough bread I had with it, I'd be feeling really good.
Resolutions are not yet in final form. I'm actually trying to pare it down from previous years. One that I really want to work on is less time on digital media. Being on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Words With Friends, blogs, websites and more, as much as I love it and find it interesting, it does take quite a bit of time. Seeing the face of my poor little Miss Gracie staring at me each night as she wants me to spend time with her is just making me feel too guilty. Yes, she is a cat that is quite like a dog!
So many interests, so little time! Four large goals for this year include spending more time on my:
  1. photography
  2. blog
  3. calligraphy
  4. setting up an Etsy store
Oh, there are more, but these are key ones for me in the area of creativity.
How about you? What are some of your goals this year?



Sarah Huizenga said...

Lots of good goals there. Photography and physical health are the big ones for me.

Special 'K' said...

Oh I so love all your special things. Taking a step back is my biggy for Twenty 13. So glad to visit. Take Care. SpecialK XoXo

Laurie said...

same here... Photography & expand my etsy shop. I used to do calligraphy. Yours is great!
...more yoga & meditating!!!

Rustique Gal said...

Finding a bulletin board like yours! No, really, I hope to open an etsy store too. Morphing my art into something bigger and more showable.
Happy New Year!

Nicki said...

I totally hear you on the wonderful feeling it is to ingest less sweets and rich food following the holidays. I can honestly say that if I don't have ham for another 12 months, I'll be just fine. I have a cat that cries if I don't get off the computer and go to bed at a certain time (yep, he goes upstairs and climbs in bed by me - silly cat) - he also whines if I don't stop what I'm doing the toss his ball and play fetch. I'm not about to tell him he is a cat (especially since I am constantly calling him 'monkey'.)

I think you will do brilliant with an Etsy store and am surprised you don't have one already.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Great goals for the new year and good luck with making them happen.
Best wishes for 2013