Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just Chasing Kids With a Camera

Photo Challenges

I've spent several hours at preschool this week taking photos for a brochure. Can I just say it's like herding kittens?! I have to hand it to both parents and teachers as it can be exhausting being with little people. They move so fast! But, it's also very cute. Some love to have their photo taken while others are quite shy. Some of the best photos were taken of the children looking at bugs up close with magnifying glasses in the garden. Actually, they were mostly slugs. You could not pay me enough to pick up a slug but kids think it's pretty neat.

It also gave me an opportunity to practice using my external flash which was exciting. So interesting to see the differences in light depending on where the flash is aimed. It's really hard to get any kind of decent photo without the flash in the classrooms with fluorescent lighting. Those taken in diffused light outdoors came out like butter. Except for the expressions. Try getting all smiling faces in a group - now, that is a challenge!



Sarah Huizenga said...

Sounds like an interesting experience. Kids are always so funny when a camera is around.

Nicki said...

I, along with another mother, did the elementary school yearbook for a couple of years. Photographing my kids (outside of school) was a piece of cake in comparison - except for the horrible faces and the 'ohhh mom, not again'. Mobile children is best summed up as you put it 'like herding kittens'. I'm sure you did great.

BTW - lovely flowers!