Sunday, January 20, 2013

Be Inspired (Plus, Bonus Project!)


Joy - the feeling I get when I process my photos in Photoshop Elements or Lightroom. Love how there are so many enhancements that can be done and take a photo from fine to something more special. Loving RadLab plug-ins which make it so easy to get so many different looks.

Fabric Frame Project
Take a photo frame and remove back and the glass. Cut a piece of stiff, thin chipboard (or cardboard, matte board or cork) a little shorter than the size of a photo and wrap it with batting. Lay flat on a piece of fabric (wrong side up) about an inch larger on each side (you can adjust to your comfort depending on the size of the frame). Fold over one edge and tape down. Pull tautly on the opposite side and tape down the side. Do the same for the remaining two sides. Place into the frame and replace the backing used to stand or hang the frame.

I love to use Dupioni silk on mine as it just adds a wonderful touch of elegance. The above frame was made with white silk.

Finishing touches: Decorate with jewelry, notes, swatches, or anything that can be posted or hung with pins. Bonus: use adorable pins like the heart pin above - there are many you can find with art supplies.



Carol said...

Great frame idea. Thanks for sharing and I love the quote too.

Viv @ Desktop Dreams said...

Thanks for sharing a great idea for a Valentine gift...