Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Time

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Time for a holiday cupcake photo shoot! This fabulous snowman cupcake was from last year (another great cupcake find from Whole Foods Market). I'm ready for another; this weekend I hope to find one with a tree made of frosting. I bought a green tree cupcake two years ago which was perfect. Last year, they had it in a white tree but I didn't buy it when I saw it, and they never had it back. No more buyer's remorse - when I spot it this year, it's going in my shopping cart!

This is also the weekend to put up some holiday decorations. With two storms scheduled to bring in a bit of rain, what could be better than hot chocolate, some holiday classics by Bing, Frank, and Dean, and lights strung around the window?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Simply Painterly

Processed with textures Charmed and IfOnly by Kim Klassen and RadLab
Now that our trees are finally turning gold and red, I was able to get this yellow-gold background from the large tree outside my window. A few textures and it looks painterly. I like this little bottle vase so much that I actually bought more balsamic vinegar recently just because it comes in this bottle. Must eat more salad! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thanksgiving Weekend

Gracie keeps warm in her pink cat bed (otherwise know as my bathrobe).
It's Thanksgiving weekend. Here in the United States that means two things: turkey* and shopping. I admit to the turkey and just a bit of online shopping. Nope, not going to catch me at a shopping center this weekend. I prefer to watch the craziness on the news at 11.

Let me start with the turkey. My tradition has become the Whole Foods turkey dinner - delicious and low maintenance. More time to piddle around the house, catch an old movie, play on the computer and go a few rounds of mousie pole with Gracie. Totally low key and relaxing. And lots of leftovers too.

As far as shopping goes, yes, I took advantage of some Black Friday sales online. I picked up a few SD cards, Photoshop Elements 11 and the Totally Rad Lightroom presets plus RadLab plug-in for PSE. Not holiday shopping in the traditional sense but nice to get some things I've been wanting. 

Speaking of RadLab, I'm totally in love with it. I used it on the above photo - it's really cool how you can easily see all the photo variations. I must admit that while I've tried to use actions in PSE, somehow it just doesn't work for me and I've given up on trying to figure it out. This is so much easier. 

I'm looking forward to having two more days off this weekend. Gracie has been following me everywhere and last night decided to sleep right on top of me. She's definitely a Velcro kitty. I'm so thankful for her - she's my best cat buddy. So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

* For my vegetarian friends, it means no turkey but lots of side dishes!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage Christmas Flea Market Finds

Love this trio of bottle brush trees I found earlier this month at the flea market. Notice anything different about them? They actually have an Easter theme going on with the bunnies and eggs. What's better than one holiday? Yes, two!

My second great find is this vintage wreath. It's about seven inches in diameter and I knew I had to have it. The price was higher than I wanted to pay, but the vendor came down in price a bit so it was a done deal at that point. It was too special to pass up. Must. Stay. Up. All. Year.

One booth was jam-packed with vintage ornaments. So hard to choose! I finally decided on these four although I picked up the little bear first as he was just adorable. They make me smile because they remind me of ornaments we had on our tree when I was a child. Unfortunately, those ornaments disappeared years ago. I so wish we still had all of those just for the sentiment. It's great that there are some that can be replaced. 

I didn't expect to find anything at the flea market this trip but it turned out to be very fruitful. I got a number of other assorted items plus four fab frames and four Ball jars to use as vases. Hmmm.... I just might have to make another trip soon. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dream It. Do It.

Processed with textures Word, If-only, Charmed and Just-cause by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
The theme at Kim Klassen's Cafe today is Dream. I love that theme as it fits right in with my day yesterday. Our agency had its first wellness retreat for members and the public. I taught a class on goal setting and creating vision boards to achieve what your heart desires. As Oprah likes to say, it was big! Such wonderful people who showed up with intent to work on big, meaningful things in their lives. 

It was my privilege to work with this group; to inspire, motivate and give them tools to move forward with what is important to them. Dreaming big is something that we all can do; and we can take the steps needed to take us where we want to go. 

This was followed by a staff retreat today for all employees. People left feeling inspired and motivated knowing how much we mean to our community and each other. It has been a really good two days!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Just a Rose

It's Anything Goes at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday this week. 
Now that it's getting dark much earlier at night, I quickly took this photo this morning before I went to work. This rose was drying on my kitchen counter and I just had to get a photo of it in its half dry and half fresh state. A few snaps and off to work I went.

Two Things...
First, I'm still working on this new blog design - Tasha from mycutelobster designs has done a really great job creating something that reflects me. But, I'm still trying to get the sidebar items adjusted. The "email me" graphic needs to be changed and there's a little more tweaking that needs to be done.

Second, I apologize for the comment verification feature (I hate those, too) but I had been getting hit with spam comments from a foreign country. I don't think there really is anything one can do about that, but I've turned it off for now and we'll see what happens.

Happy week!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Catching Up

Weekend Notes

1. Sis and I went to the flea market this weekend. I didn't expect to find very much, but it was a huge market and I got several cool items including a little set of vintage Easter Christmas brush trees (they have rabbits and eggs - how great is that to combine two holidays in one?). With daylight savings time, I didn't have time to photograph my treasures before the sun went down today but I hope to do it next weekend.

2. Mom came over for lunch today - I made a pot of chicken soup along with sandwiches. Chicken soup is so easy and yummy. Well, I did cheat a bit by using a rotisserie chicken, but it was soooo good.

3. I'm in the midst of a new blog design. If you've been here before, you can see it's quite a change. While I loved the previous design, and it was so me, it was feeling a bit dated and busy. I still need to change out and update some of the sidebar items, so it's not quite finished yet. 

And that's what I've been up to... and you?