Monday, May 28, 2012

A Sunny Rose

Photo processed with Evolve texture by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday
Since I missed the farmer's market this past weekend, I picked up some roses at Trader Joe's. I selected these because the two tones are just scrumptious. 

Photo processed with Charm texture by Kim Klassen at the Kim Klassen Cafe.
Luckily, Nipper does not eat roses. She did try for the peonies though, so upstairs those went into my bedroom. The roses? On my kitchen table for the week!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dried Flowers Retain Their Beauty

From this... this. 

Ranunculus season is officially over. 

Luckily, I did manage to dry quite a few.

They even retained much of the varied colors. Now, while some people may look at these and think they are just a bunch of dead flowers that should be thrown away, I see these as great photo props. 

How would you use some dried flowers? 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Let There Be Light

The theme today is light. Each Tuesday at the Kim Klassen Cafe it's Texture Tuesday and the challenge this week is to use a photo in that theme processed with a texture.

The above flower has a black texture applied to it - I love how it makes it pop. Who would have thought?

Gracie, basking in the sunlight.

Do you have solar lights around your yard? They have such amazing patterns!

That's it for the light show today. I hope you enjoyed it!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shoes Too Cute Not to Buy

Oh, yes. These babies called my name. 

Browsing at our local DSW store last weekend, 
these beribboned flats and I locked eyes and didn't let go.

Grosgrain ribbon. 

Pink, yellow and grey. 

Super sweet.

So here I am...

...just hanging out admiring my cute new shoes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simply Floral

Photos processed with textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday
Just sharing two photos processed with textures in Photoshop Elements. The first floral photo above has a lower opacity for less texture. The below photo has more texture and in this case, has more of an antique feel to it. Of course, it helps that those three stems are dried flowers. 

The floral vendor at the farmer's market gave me some sad news last weekend - it was the end of the ranunculus this season. Boo. Just when they became my new favorite flower. Well, I guess a thousand photos of them is enough for now. Uh yeah, it's hard to delete photos but that's another story.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day is For Cat Moms Too

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. So lucky to have spent some time with you this weekend.

Mom's a cutie.

This isn't quite the cake we had for dessert today, but we did have it last weekend. And what happened when it came out of the box?

Predictably, Gracie came in to investigate, probably thinking it was a giant cupcake for her!

Hmmm, is anybody looking?

She's quick... and she liked the whipped cream icing as much as she likes buttercream frosting.

She got about a tablespoon of the whipped cream which she loved. Then, it was time for the people to have some too. This silly cat stuck by my side all day today. Perhaps she knows that it's a holiday for cat moms too. I'll take it, proud cat mom that I am!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too Sweet

All photos processed with textures from Kim Klassen Cafe

Ohhhh, last weekend we had this yummy strawberry cake. Yes, Gracie did manage to hop on up and lick a portion of the whipped cream frosting. Hmmm, I think I must post a photo of that this weekend as she was just too funny and too cute. And yes, I do have to photograph any dessert that comes into this house before it gets eaten.

The wonderful thing about ranunculus (my new fav flower) is that it changes in so many ways during its short life in a vase. So many more opportunities to photograph it in different ways. 

They even look wonderful once they are past their prime. I just take them from the vase and allow them to dry like this one here. Of course, some cat did decide that it must be a cat toy and it was in multiple pieces when I came back into the room. No matter, there were plenty more.

This was just too cute not to post. Once again, Gracie took over the table I was setting up to shoot on. Totally worth it to get this! Oh, how I love this cat...

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Bit of Randomness

Today's photos processed with madlove and loveinlayers textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
Gracie, just looking out the window lost in thought. What can she be thinking?

Have a fabulous week!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Floral Art Close Up

Yes, I know that I've been posting lots of floral images lately. And I admit to some kitty posts as well. I promise you that is not all that I am about. It's just that it's Spring. And that means a wealth of beautiful flowers. And since when could I resist photographing them? I have photos that go back years demonstrating my affection for documenting every flower that has come into my life. 

What makes me swoon and my knees go weak? Flowers.  

I have probably a thousand photos of flowers I've taken recently. Wow, I sound like a hoarder, don't I? I do want to keep every photo, it's like they are all my children. 

The farmer's market is my downfall. Such wonderful locally grown flowers, just calling out to me. And then there's Trader Joe's that usually has a great selection at great prices. Oh my, I can't wait to see what flower will be coming home with me this weekend.

Leanne at the blog Photos By Leanne recently started Flower Art Friday. Check out her site to see beautiful flower photos and art through her linkup. Last week there were 20 participants and it's sure to grow. It's a place where we can all swoon over beautiful flowers.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here's to You, Mom

Birthday Wishes

Today my mom is 82 years young. 

She has been in this country since she was 18 years old. Just a few months before she turned 19, she arrived by ship across the Atlantic from Sweden. With her mother and step-father, they travelled by train across the states to California where she has made her home. 

This photo was taken just a few months ago in her kitchen. Mom has always looked younger than her age; as a child I was often embarrassed because she didn't look like the other moms. No, she was not the June Cleaver type. All I can say now is I'm grateful to have inherited some of her genes. 

Happy birthday to you mom, and many more.