Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Countdown - Day 2

It's official - it's finally December. How did that happen so quickly? I decided yesterday that I would put up some holiday decorations, so that's what I did. No tree, but it did entail putting up a fresh swag wreath on my front gate (the original one I bought last week smelled so good it wound up in my house), changing out the spring/summer pillows in the living room for holiday red, adding lights in the kitchen window and a number of other assorted things. 

While I was writing Merry Christmas on my chalkboard, I finally figured out why I've had such trouble writing on it. It turns out the person who made it didn't use a flat board, but instead just used chalkboard paint to paint over a picture in a frame. Hence, the lumpy surface that's giving me a heck of a time getting my letters right. I bought it at the flea market last summer - it was in such a beautiful frame that I fell in love with it.

And today, I pulled out some more decorations to photograph. I think I need to get a tree this year as it's a challenge trying to figure out where to place all the hanging ornaments.  I did have fun going through much of my holiday decor, but I'm not done yet. There's still more touches to place around the house. One more thing I photographed was a cute tree cupcake that I picked up from Whole Foods Market yesterday. I've done this before and have learned that if you put the cupcake in the refrigerator, it will last for months. Granted, you're not going to eat it, but it's always available to photograph!

This is Gracie right before my entire photo set came crashing down. Poor Gracie has a cold so she's been sleeping a lot, which is nice because she's always jumping into the sets. I had done quite a few photos and sets while she slept. Normally, the clicking of the camera and the smell of desserts that I'm shooting bring her running. Well, this was just too good to be true. After photographing all the holiday items, I placed a vase of lovely pink roses that I bought yesterday into the scene. It was just about that time that Gracie came into the room, jumped into the set and pushed the white foam-core background over with her nose. Because I had batting on the table (snow simulator), the vase was unsteady. Once the foam-core hit it, the vase fell over and water spilled all over including on both of my cameras. Yikes! 

My sis jumped into action, grabbing a bunch of towels while I grabbed the cameras right after picking up the vase to stop the water from spilling. Luckily, it seems there was no damage. Poor Gracie, she just made her way into the hall and laid at the top of the stairs with a sad sick kitty face. It's crummy having a cold, even if you're a cat. Poor sneezy Grace. I may need to let her lick that cupcake afterall.


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Sarah Huizenga said...

So glad your cameras are ok. That is always a fear of mine, that or dropping it. Lovely Christmas decode. I put up and decorate the tree and that is about it at our house.