Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Countdown - Day 13

Holiday House

Instead of looking at ornaments today, I'm sharing a little of my living room with some holiday decor.
For winter, I like to bring out touches of red... red pillows, red floral arrangements. Normally I have a palette of white and green which is more springy.
When I decorated a few weekends ago, I also had these pretty white and green flowers that I divided into several sized bottles and vases. They looked so fresh, and green flowers are a bit unusual so I was happy to place these onto the lace covered table.
Another thing I like to do is display bowls of shiny, colored strings of beads. These can be purchased inexpensively at holiday sales before or after Christmas.
 The long glass ornaments are simply laid on a green glass tray for display, next to the red florals.
I also love the snowman pillow on the couch (another great after-Christmas find last year that I "discovered" this year when foraging through the holiday boxes). The colors were exactly right and filled in the little space between the two red pillows. 

Another favorite find is the bird-topped terrarium that I picked up about 10 years ago at a flea market. Inside, I've placed a little nest, birds, and some pearly garland. I love the many different kinds of holiday garland available and use it all year long. And that's a little bit of my holiday living room this year.



Nicki said...

You have a beautiful display. I have to commend Miss Gracie on her restrain from playing with the pearls and glass ornaments as my kitties might pass up one, but definitely not both.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Lovely. Thanks for a tour of your living room.

sherrygaley said...

The red and green and white looks so fresh and inviting. And I love that little snowman pillow!