Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Countdown - Day 10

Glitter Bird!

Oh, yes. Glitter birds are wonderful at Christmas, but mine stay out all year long. I just counted at least nine in my house (one lives on my dining room chandelier even!) and this little guy is on the tiny feather tree. When I see the glitter or feather birds on sale at Michaels, hold me back!
This ornament may be a spider web but it's covered with glitter snow which sparkles when the light hits it. Love, love, love the sparkles.
 Piggy with sheep friends... fuzzy sheep are sweet with their red ribbons around their necks.
 One more glitter bird...
Something from my honor of my mother's Swedish background, each year we hung a string of Swedish flags on the Christmas tree. I intended to hang these but they got a bit tangled up - it will be like a puzzle to unfurl them.
My sweet sheep again with a little ballerina and tree cupcake in the background. He's on a little snow (okay, it's really batting) as he wanders among the Christmas scene.

These Christmas decorations just make me happy. Oh, there's more of course. These are just a few that struck my eye today. More to come!


Sarah Huizenga said...

All this glitter reminds me of a lady in a rubber stamping class I taught years ago. We were making Christmas cards and projects in the class and she put glitter on everything. When I was cleaning up after the class was done I found a PILE of glitter under her chair. It was cute and made me smile.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sweet little sheep. Have never seen a sparkly spider web ornament before. :) The birdies are lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

Marrianna said...

Okay, I just have to say it in print: you post the sweetest and most delightful Christmas pictures on any blog I've seen this year. Have I done any decorating in my home? Nope. But I just might pull out a few things in the Christmas storage tub in my cleaned out garage, bring them in the house, and put them around my living spaces. Thank you for the inspiration.