Saturday, October 27, 2012

Softly Roses

Original unretouched.
While taking photos of these roses earlier this month, I wound up overexposing these first shots. Even though the exposure is not correct, I've kept coming back to these images. Technically they may not be very good, but I can't help but love the overall softness.
With color cast removed.
Since the images were a bit green, here I color corrected to neutralize the color cast, but I did not make any other corrections.
With additional editing.
In this last series, I corrected the color cast, adjusted the exposure, increased the contrast, and finally, sharpened it. Even with that additional processing (which made some improvements but it still is not a very good image), my favorite is the second version, with just the color cast removed. Sometimes an image doesn't have to be technically correct to resonate with you. And that's what this one does for me.  I just love the hazy, soft feel. What images do you have that may not be technically correct, but yet draw you to them? 

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon and Miss Gracie,

Love your sweet roses, they look romantic and beautiful.
They are such a gorgeous pink.

Happy Sunday