Monday, October 1, 2012

Gerbera Goodness

All photos processed with textures created by Kim Klassen.

Do you love gerbera daisies as much as I do? Each week as I do my grocery shopping, I peruse the assortment at Trader Joe's, trying to decide on the color combination that calls out to me. I really liked these large white and pink gerberas so they made it as my choice this week. I also could not pass up some lovely light pink roses, but I'll save those for another day!

For the photos this week, I applied the textures just to the backgrounds as I wanted the flowers to show through in their full glory. 

Yes, I've said it before but it bares worth repeating - these flowers just look so happy. And being sensitive to my surroundings, that happiness just rubs off on me every time I look at them. Often, I will break up the bunch and distribute them among several small vases or jars. So pretty to display them together like that or to place them throughout the house. 

I know someone else who loves gerbera daisies and that's Kim at the Kim Klassen Cafe. So Kim, theses are for you today. Every Tuesday, Kim hosts Texture Tuesday - if you pop on over there, you can read my guest post this week. 

I want to thank Kim for having me as her guest today. I've been participating in Texture Tuesday for a while and I'm so happy to be part of her community. You'll meet the nicest people there! Right now, I'm also taking Kim's classes Beyond Layers II, Make It Sparkle and Round Trip (and recently finished Behind the Scenes with Kim and Xanthe). So many new ideas!

I can proudly say that I'm finally really learning how to use Lightroom as a result of her lessons. So exciting! There is so much content, that I'm just keeping up right now but I will be putting to use many of her tips, tricks and techniques. I can't wait.

Thank you so much for visiting today. I'm so happy I could share some floral goodness with you - I hope it put a smile on your face.

Is there something that calls out to you that always brings a little cheer into your life? 



photecstasy said...

I too am a BTS graduate (for a lack of a better word)... your site is absolutely lovely! So country and homey and FLORAL! I love flowers, and I too have the gerbera daisy bug. I never go to Trader Joes (too many flashbacks of homemade granola growing up along with raw milk & carob chips), but if they have flowers this spectacular... it may be well worth the trip! I have never, ever seen white gerberas with pink centers. WOW! I loved your guest post over at Kim's site, and I hope to see more of you. I'm signed up for the Art of Textures self-paced, and will be taking Kim's lightroom class in Nov. I was so bummed when I saw Xanthe's time capsule class being offered in November. And now the "Now You Deeper" course is hitting... and I didn't even scratch the surface with the first one. These Shutter Sisters really have me hook, line & sinker! I love the journey inward they have all been helping me to take. Sorry for the ramble... again, I look forward to visiting your blog again! Peace, Yvie

cathy @ ma vie trouvee said...

Gerber daisies are one of my favorites too! All of your photos are beautiful - but I do like the white and pink combo best. Congrats on your TT post - you represented us well! A lovely image!!

Sylvia said...

I'm enjoying those lovely flowers, Sharon !
Congrats on your TT post, such a wonderful image, beautifully textured !
And I agree, Kim's courses are amazing, love all those tips and tricks, Beyond Layers is my favorite :-)
Big hugs to you and Miss Gracie,

Zeno and Kia said...

Coming from TT. Gorgeous flowers, Sharon, all beautifully textured. :)

Beverly said...

Reading and looking at these happy pink and white flowers while enjoying early morning coffee is a real treat. Congratulations on your TT highlight. Love your featured photo!! Yes, I've gotten the KK bug bite as well...SM, BLII, Essentials, and next RT!! My texture folders need help in organization. Your vacation sounds lovely! Have a fantastic week!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Congratulations on the guest post! Beautiful images as always.

Tammy said...

Those flowers are so very pretty and your photos are always dreamy. I just aim and shoot and there you go ... that's as far as my photography skills go. :) Hope your weeks is going well. Best wishes, Tammy

Barb said...

Fabulous image, Sharon! congrats on your guest post! I'm a huge Kim fan too - right now I'm swamped with Lightroom... plus several other courses!

Sharon said...

Yes, Gerbera daisies are so happy looking. Joyful shots. These make me smile!

Sherry Galey said...

I love the white gerberas with the pink centres...the happiest! Enjoyed your guest post very much. KIm's courses are such treasures, aren't they? I've learned so much too...Now time to practise it all!

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Your photographs are stunning. I love Gerberas, not only are the beautiful but they are so hardy. Your blog is so gorgeous, a true garden of inspiration.


Carole said...

Love gerbera's. So bright and cheery. I've always been a 'daisy' kind of girl. lol Sadly, I don't have much luck with the flowers from TJ's. They simply don't last more than a day or two.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)