Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Fall Day

Oh my. People are sick at work and my sister who lives with me is sick at home. Just doing my best to keep well these days. I think it's time for another pot of chicken soup which is always good during cold and flu season.  Grocery shopping was completed this morning and Mr. Chicken (oops, I guess I should say Mrs. Chicken) is chopped and ready for the pot. 

When I left the house this morning, it was still overcast and I actually enjoyed the fall-like feeling in the air for as long as it lasted. The leaves are still barely starting to fall but I have to admit the mild sunny weather is quite nice. There are pumpkins everywhere and it just might be time to whip up some pumpkin muffins this weekend. Would be lovely with a cup of tea! 

In fact, it seems like every third item listed in Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer this week was some kind of pumpkin item. I can highly recommend their pumpkin butter - scrumptious on pancakes! Hmmm, I'm afraid I'm making my mouth water for a slice of pumpkin pie topped with freshly whipped cream now. Note to self: add pumpkin pie to next week's shopping list. How about you?



Laura K. Aiken said...

sharon you had better take Lysol to work!
love the flowers-

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I love the pretty gerberas and the way
you have photographed them.
Sorry to hear everyone around you is sick, take care and hope you escape it.

Enjoy the weekend

Nicki said...

I have read of several folks battling colds and flu (which seems early this year) - so I hope you are able to avoid catching the 'bug'. Beautiful flowers and I love the shape of the vases.

Marrianna said...

Love the flowers. I visited a Trader Joe's yesterday in Prescott which is about 75 miles from home. Alas, no pretty gerberas for me. They only had potted flowers and that's not what I wanted. The Phoenix area stores have more selections - probably because it is a big city and a tad warmer. BTW, I tried PicMonkey for photo corners and frames for my last blog post. Loved it.

I'm using my new MacBook Pro which is way great and FAST. I still need to learn how to cut & paste on it. Maybe if I read the directions and/or go onto YouTube, I'll get that figured out. But I love it. It's my 2nd one because the first one overheated on my 3rd week and Best Buy let me replace it free of charge. But this is a great little computer.

Enjoy your beautiful San Francisco weather. The only thing I can recommend for not getting a cold or the flu is to avoid sugar if possible.

You are great

Tammy said...

Such pretty flowers. Still hot here. And though when I look out the window, it's overcast and gives a sense of Autumn, when I walk outside it is just hot and humid and yucky! Bleh! I bought some pumpkin the other day -- I am definitely thinking pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie will be made very, very soon. Best wishes, Tammy

dan garrett said...

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