Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Pretty Paste-Up

 Last weekend, while I was organizing some papers (I know, it never ends!) I found a tablet of paper. When I opened it up, I found this. A paste-up of some calligraphy I did several years ago for a project in our calligraphy guild. Rather than letter everything on one page, often it is done in parts, then each piece is cut out and pasted up before copying.

And what is it? A recipe for a shared recipe book, all done in each person's choice of hand. My choice? Easy. My favorite hand (and the one I do best) is Copperplate.

And the recipe? A very favorite special strawberry sauce that my dad used to make when I was a child. 

Oh yum, this was good. I still make it today - it goes over pancakes and waffles. Just mash up some fresh strawberries, add some half-and-half, and just a tiny bit of sugar for sweetness. Let it come to room temperature and viola, a super yummy breakfast!


Cindy said...

Your Copper Plate hand is just gorgeous! I love Copper Plate. And oh my gosh...have not seen a paste up in ages. That's kickin it old school for sure. Those were the days! :)


Rustique Gal said...

That recipe is so simple and sounds yummy! AND Your calligraphy is very beautiful-have you kept it up? I've often dreamed of taking lessons in that!

Denise Fabian said...

Your calligraphy is awesome! Wonderful post!