Friday, September 14, 2012

Vintage Style

Yes, I like everything about vintage style. This little vignette demonstrates it with a vintage camera, antique table and shabby chic mirror. The roses? Timeless. A touch of lettering with the font Zapfino and a slight texture on the photo completes the look and feel. 

Contemporary is not at the top of my list - I love aged pieces. They each have a story to tell, whether it is known to me or not. That leaves it to my imagination to wonder what secrets each holds. The joy of perusing the flea market is knowing that each item has lived a past, and that it survived through time to have a new future, perhaps in a new way. 

This camera above no longer takes photos, but what a wonderful reminder of past days. Did a gentleman use it to take photos of his family? His kids at play, his wife cooking a holiday turkey. Or perhaps the owner was a traveler, who carried it on journeys across trains to states far and wide. I may never know, but it's fun to think about the possibilities. 



Tammy said...

If only those pieces from the past could tell their stories -- how exciting that would be. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Tammy

Sarah Huizenga said...

Love the old camera. I have just started collecting them.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Love the vintage look here, with the old camera and the pretty pink roses.
Hope you and Miss Gracie are enjoying the weekend


Carol said...

So beautiful...

Nicki said...

I often imagine the history of an antique item - how excited the original owner was when it was new and all the stories since. Lovely display.