Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I Love

Creamy whites, dried flowers, fancy lettering... things I love. 

Sending and receiving letters... things I love, too.

These days it's too easy to dash off a quick email. Don't you get hit with a burst of excitement when you see a real letter in your mailbox? I know I do. You can make yours special too; you don't need to know calligraphy. Simply stamp a design or message, add a sticker, or apply some glitter. I admit that I even add glitter to the postage stamp!

My inspiration today comes from my friend June at Laughing With Angels. Her photos are some of the most beautiful I've seen and she inspires me each time. They'll make you swoon, too.



Carol said...

Hi Sharon - I also love to write, send and receive something handwritten. Yep...warm fuzzies!

June said...

Sharon you are the sweetest!!!! You know how much I love your beautiful photography, and these photos in this post are the reason why. Gorgeous!!!

Thank you sweet, for your friendship.
hugs from here...

Marrianna said...

Love your flower pictures, as always. Thank you for sharing them.