Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Days

September has just been flying by and so has my weeklong vacation. I'm accomplishing things on my list which is good, although there will always be way more than can ever be done. A nice mix of work and play is good and the great news is that this weekend we are expecting very warm weather. That's a great start for autumn. Our trees are not turning color or losing leaves yet whereas some years they began in early or mid September. 

There's still time for more play and getting more done - no more sleeping in with Gracie. I feel so guilty getting out of bed once she is all snuggled in on top, sleeping against me. No, there's still more to be done so she'll just have to have a cat nap by herself. I'm off to check more things off my list!



Sarah Huizenga said...

I can't believe September is almost done, it did go way to fast. Love your photo!

Carole said...

I love this vignette. Gorgeous photo. :-)