Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flea Market Treasures

Last weekend, I went to one of my favorite local flea markets. Do you like my lovely chalkboard I acquired? I was quite pleased - it was a great price but I almost passed it up. Yes, I could have found a frame and made one myself, but I liked this one so much - it was just perfect. Now, I just need to find some chalk!

My second find was this painted chair with wicker seat. Not that I had a space in mind for it, but I find it hard to pass up white painted chairs. I rearranged my bedroom a bit and now it has a home there and looks quite sweet.

Do you see the sweet little flowers painted on the seat? Once I spotted it, I asked the vendor what her price was. "Oh, nobody has even asked me about this chair today!" was her reply. So a quick negotiation and the chair was mine.

While I was setting up a vignette with the chair, Gracie got into the act. 

There is a little glitter and feather bird inside the cage and she had her eye on it. 

My silly cat; I had to rescue that bird from her three times! 

Back to my flea market finds....

I'm beginning to amass a little collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers. I have several with German glass glitter in them already. While I didn't need to collect any more, the vendor immediately reduced the price by two thirds once I held this in my hand. Well, how could I pass that up? I love that they come with this decorative little tray.

My last find I actually acquired at a small flea market about a month ago. This little blue-green vase was the only treasure I spotted but I am quite happy with it. Don't those gerbera daisies appear happy? They make me happy; oh, what a happy flower they are!


StarletStarlet said...

She is adorableeeeee. And what beautiful treasures you got!!!

Tammy said...

Lovely purchases. That Gracie is such a character. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

Sarah Huizenga said...

Love the salt and pepper shakers! The adorable tray definitely makes the set complete,

Nicki said...

Simply Elegant - each one of your finds.

Carol said...

The photo of Gracie reaching for the bird is precious. You found some great items.

Marrianna said...

Love that you've been to the flea market again. I've missed your treasures on your blog. Thank you.

bTW, I got an iPad and love it. February 15, 2013 will find me at the Verizon store for an iPhone. Thank you for all your help.

I've already gotten a week behind in the Behind the Scenes course but plan to catch up this weekend.