Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Gerbera Sunday

Hello lovely people... did you have a good weekend? It was low key around here. Weekly errands including lots of fab things from the farmers market. Besides yummy fruits and tomatoes, they have the best salmon I've tasted. That was last night's dinner and it was soooo good.

Today Gracie insisted I spend some time with her while she rolled around in the sun. That's pretty much par for the course. She even followed me down the stairs, meowed loudly and herded me back up the stairs! Glad I could make her one happy cat. 

I photographed more flowers too, (thank you Trader Joe, my trusty flower source). Unfortunately, my Tamron 90mm macro lens had a big hiccup and will have to be sent in for repair. I'm going to miss my lens while it's gone but hopefully it will come back like new. 

Next week is my dad's 88th birthday so I'll be planning a special meal for him this week. I'm thinking pasta with some farmers market veggies. Oh, and a whipped cream strawberry cake for dessert. Still have some thinking to do on the main meal but an heirloom tomato salad might be perfect.

Happy week to you!


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Carol said...

Beautiful image. Sorry to hear about your lens.