Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Five Questions

Today we're going Behind the Scenes...

Have I told you about a class I'm currently taking? It's Behind the Scenes, a blogging class taught by Kim Klassen and Xanthe Berkeley, two women who I admire in the world of art and blogging. We are in the last few days of the course which makes me sad. It's been really enjoyable, fast-paced and chock-full of fabulous learnings. Not to mention a really nice community, as well. 

In any case, today we are having a link-up in class where we are answering five questions as part of a recent lesson. So here I go...

5 Questions

1. What makes you happy?….. in 5 words or less….?
Nesting, art, Gracie, sun, chocolate
2. Which talent would you most like to have? 
So hard... singing, tap dancing, painting, writing? So many!
3. Which words or phrases do you overuse most?
"Love you Gracie"
How many times can I tell my sweet cat Gracie that I love her? Not enough!
4. What is your favorite movie, book or both?
Casa Blanca by far. I can watch it over and over (and I have). The story, music, sound bites, actors - this movie has it all. 
As far as books go, I'll take a biography any day.
5. If you could go anywhere in the world for a creative retreat where might it be? 
Paris, so I could visit the famous Paris flea markets, eat crepes from the street vendors and visit Monet's house and garden while I'm there!



chaoticperfectionist said...

Lovely vintage feel to your blog!
I guess I'll live your creative destination in a couple of weeks - going to Paris for 4 days, and Monet's garden in Chiverny will be one of the next short trips. So, we've got something in common...
See you!
Marleen (from BTS)

lee said...

YAY! You love pretty backgrounds too,these roses are gorgeous!Did you know Monet's Garden was a set,he had gardeners come in and take out any dead blooms etc so he could paint it,same with the water lillies. I only learned that last week so I couldn't resist sharing!

Ahayes1225 said...

Don't foget the French Bread! Very nice!

Quirky Rose Harissa said...

I love to nest too. Wow! Miss Gracie is one seriously fab cat - lucky you :)

Becky said...

I love that your blog has such a cohesive look and feel to it. I had to smile when I kept seeing Gracie's name mentioned and figured she was your daughter...then saw that she's a cat : )

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm with you on the nesting. Wish I could sing and paint. :) I did not go to Monet's home and garden while we were in Paris last year. Wish I had. But walking the streets of Paris is more than enough -- so much to see. Wishing you a great day. Tammy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Sharon! Thanks for sending the magazine. You are right -- it should only take 10 days for mail to arrive. The problem is, once it gets here, it can take up to a month to be sorted. Plus, Ramadan just started today which means no one wants to work any more than they have to. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Will let you know what happens. Have a great weekend. Tammy