Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Cool Things

 Fabulous magazine, love the cover! 

Springy, great colors (my favorites)

Wonderful articles, just like watching the best of HGTV

Pick it up!
Latest edition of Mollie Makes - I just picked it up at Barnes and Noble. 

I love everything about this magazine. The photos, the projects, the articles.

I just ohhh and ahhh the whole time.
 In the latest issue, there was a freebie second pub called let's get hitched! full of wedding info. 

Very cool!
 Oh, and check out my latest find from Target. I love this bag!
It's sort of like a cross between burlap and linen. Very roomy though.
I also found these little beauties. They are only about five or six inches high so they are perfect to fit in a purse. Do I need them? No. My name is Sharon and I am a notebook junkie. 

Really, who could resist?


AnastasiaC said...

those magazines look a treat! - i love to curl up with a magazine and a cup of tea!
Saying hi from BYW2!

Peggy @The Decorating Files said...

I love your original photos! I get excited if I know I have new magazines to read! Sometimes I'd rather read those than go out! Sometimes. ;)

Rustique Gal said...

Sharon, I love that purse and I'm a notebook junkie too! But really, who can resist these magazines? I must try Molly Makes-it looks great! Have a great week.

Marrianna said...

Love the magazine covers, the Target tote bag, and the notebooks. I, too, am a notebook/journal junkie and have to hold myself back. I might look at Target for the bag.

I want to know how you got the photo corners on your images. You know I want to try to duplicate them on my own blog.

I was at Trader Joe's in Scottsdale yesterday and picked up 2 bunches of peonies: mulberry and white. They are a different species (?) than the first bunch but gorgeous. I plan to get pink peonies from my doctor's front lawn.

Thanks again for the wonderful photos.


A Fanciful Life said...

Hello Marrianna,

Thanks for your comments. The photo corners came from PicMonkey! Picnik was discontinued recently but the same people who created it have now created PicMonkey. It has very cool features including frames, textures and all kinds of goodies. Check it out!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Sharon! We are not travelling to the States this summer -- second year in a row. Such a long trip and so much to plan and do once there -- living out of a suitcase for 6-8 weeks, different towns, different places, staying in hotels or with family. It becomes stressful rather than relaxing. We will take a couple of trips -- Sri Lanka in July, maybe Germany in August. Was supposed to go to Lebanon but the political situation there is not good right now. A friend is in the States and I am asking her to get me Mollie Makes, Where Women Create and Mary Jane's Farm. Love those magazines and they certainly aren't available on this side of the world. You know, I had put Jingles as my favorite animal but then I remembered how much I love the elephants and how truly incredible they are. That's why Jingles got a bit of credit at the end -- showing her in a state of relaxation, which is what I plan to do this summer (and organize too). :) Hope you are having a great week. Thanks for stopping by, Tammy

signora aurora said...

I also never can resist when I see beautiful magazines!

The bag is so perfectly nice and like the photos, fresh and colorfull!


Lori said...

I love all these pictures! I've seen commercials for the HGTV mag and it looks like a great magazine. I might have to check it out. I love that bag from Target! And the notebooks. I'm a notebook junkie too. ;-) I'm over from BYW. :-)

sarah said...

I can't believe I wasn't aware HGTV had a magazine! It looks like a must have! Your photos are, as always, gorgeous!

Catherine said...

I'm with you ~ there's always room for one more notebook or journal. ;)
Love the magazines too!
xo Catherine