Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day is For Cat Moms Too

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. So lucky to have spent some time with you this weekend.

Mom's a cutie.

This isn't quite the cake we had for dessert today, but we did have it last weekend. And what happened when it came out of the box?

Predictably, Gracie came in to investigate, probably thinking it was a giant cupcake for her!

Hmmm, is anybody looking?

She's quick... and she liked the whipped cream icing as much as she likes buttercream frosting.

She got about a tablespoon of the whipped cream which she loved. Then, it was time for the people to have some too. This silly cat stuck by my side all day today. Perhaps she knows that it's a holiday for cat moms too. I'll take it, proud cat mom that I am!


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val said...

what a blessing to be close to your mom...and you are right, she is beautiful! As for Gracie, I love that she cute! We had a poodle that did that...funny!