Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dried Flowers Retain Their Beauty

From this... this. 

Ranunculus season is officially over. 

Luckily, I did manage to dry quite a few.

They even retained much of the varied colors. Now, while some people may look at these and think they are just a bunch of dead flowers that should be thrown away, I see these as great photo props. 

How would you use some dried flowers? 


Nicki said...

I am so sad to hear that Ranunculus season is over - I so wanted to hunt out some and photograph them. Your dried flowers are absolutely beautiful. I love how they retained their color.

Marrianna said...


You did a great job drying the flowers and using some in a photograph. Love the pictures.

I got to a Trader Joe's in Scottsdale yesterday, and while they didn't have any ranunculus, I did buy a bunch of pale lavender staulk and another of dark pink peonies. I'll watch them as they sit in the vase with water then do my best to dry them.

Our summer farmers' market starts today. It's cold but the wind from the last few days has stopped blowing. I hope to find a variety of flowers today as well as some great veggies. Will take photos and post on my blog.

Keep up the great work. I always love the photos and brief comments on your blog. You have managed to once again start my day with a smile.


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Wonderful photos and love the way the flowers came out. Ive dried the roses I got for Mother's Day. I usually put them in a bowl with potpourri. Used to make wreaths with drieds but its been a looong time.
Your mother is stunning ! My little mother was also beautiful and never looked her age either.

Blenda Tyvoll said...

Hi there Sharon,
The dried Ranunculus are so bright and lovely! It's nice to see that they retain so much of their color too.
Miss Gracie is purrrrfect...even that magical tail that curls in the swirl.
From your new BYW2 friend, Blenda

Gudy Heder said...

Dear Sharon, I would use them for a mood board and combine them with other darker pieces to get a nice contrast. I think that could look gorgeous. Very nice shots!
Have a great time at the BYW course. xx. Gudy

val said...

I came over from T's blog to visit. lovely flower photos! I adore Ranuculus and agree that even dried, they are lovely.