Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Week's Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday to You!

It's the final day of my week-long vacation. What did I accomplish? A lot! But first, let's admire these fabulous ranunculus flowers from the farmer's market.  I love the colors!

And the fluffy petals... especially the two-toned ones.

This past week, I had a "stay-cation" and of course I had way too many things on the to-do list but I did get quite a bit done. Here goes... read the book The American Way of Eating, decluttered and donated trunk-load of items to Goodwill, donated trunk-load of art supplies to teacher's resource, bought shoes/returned shoes, worried about dad in hospital for two days, Stanford shopping center for lunch, cleaned house, took bulbs to recycling center, started Beyond Layers II online course, accompanied mom to doctor, spent time with Gracie, cleaners, changed lightbulbs, farmer's market, read and sorted magazines, enjoyed lunch with a friend, photographed lots of flowers, new shoes - did not return!, started Slice of Life online course, delivered meal to friend, reformatted iPad for Gracie and me, ate Hagen Daz bars without guilt, wrote and mailed cards, surfed the net, stayed up way too late, got up too early... well, you get the idea. It felt like a good week off, but two would have been good as well!

My sis bought this chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting at Teacakes on Burlingame Avenue the other day. She was kind enough to allow me to photograph it before she ate it. Actually, she offered to buy me one as well but these days I usually prefer to photograph them rather than eat them (they can be too sweet!). 

But not for Miss Gracie, oh no. And as usual.... Miss Gracie just had to have some frosting while I was trying to take the picture. 

Notice anything in the lower right on the cupcake? Or, I should say something missing. Yes, that's where my Gracie licked it. She certainly does enjoy a cupcake and there's no depriving her because at my house, cat happiness usually comes first!



Catherine said...

Staycasions are simply the best! A very good way to catch up at home I think. Such lovely spring colors here today. I love it that Miss Gracie got to satisfy her sweet tooth ~ just a little bit! :) Cute!

Happy Sunday Sharon!
xo Catherine

Deanna said...

sounds like you had a grand week off or staycation. Happy Spring!!

Nicki said...

Sounds like a perfectly marvelous week off (except for worrying about your dad). The flowers are stunning - I.Have.To.Get.To.Market! I love how Gracie threw her girlie figure worries to the wind and went for it - love it!