Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Such a Softie

Photo processed with Kim Klassen's textures "Word" and "Canvasback" for Texture Tuesday
Soft is the theme at the Kim Klassen Cafe today and what better than to show my little softie, Gracie. So soft, we often tell our Miss Gracie that she feels like a chinchilla. 

Now that Spring is here, I'll miss those cold winter nights when Gracie comes under the covers with me, keeping me warm with her soft and warm little body snuggled up against me. I guess that means I'll just have pick her up and snuggle her anyhow!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I love the sweet photo of Miss Gracie, just want to give her a cuddle.

Hope that you have a happy week

Teresa O said...

Miss Gracie looks so soft and those green eyes, jewel-like. Beautifully processed.

Deborah said...

beautiful, memorable capture of your sweet, softie Gracie!

Sharon said...

So sweet! I almost named by soft gray cat Gracie -- love that name! And we share our first name. We have much in common!

Lisa said...

Beautiful shot! Gorgeous eyes. And I can't think of too many things softer than a chinchilla.