Monday, April 9, 2012

Ranunculus - The Softest Flower

All photos processed with Little Things texture by Kim Klassen at the Kim Klassen Cafe for Texture Tuesday.
Recently, I found a gorgeous bunch of ranunculus at Trader Joe's. With their layers and layers of petals, they have such a soft look. 

After Nippy "nipped" the stems in half, I wound up cutting all the stems and placing the flowers into tiny vases. This happened after finding the stems on my countertop two nights in a row since the sneaky kitty had gotten into them.

But that's okay because I actually like them much better cut lower into little bunches. I moved them upstairs and placed them in front of the glass and rhinestone photo frames.

I love the assorted colors in the bunch, with yummy yellows, pinks, and oranges.

This photo is the same as the one above with the colors desaturated. Both are lovely, don't you think?

Even without Nippy biting the stems, some do tend to fall over. I think the stems sometimes are too light to support the flower head. No matter, it still looks pretty from any angle.

Have a beautiful week!


Special 'K' said...

They are so beautiful, thank you for sharing, I am so glad to meet you. I am so excited to find and follow new special places. I will follow on my way out because I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you. I hope you will find some time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Nadege, said...

I have to hide my flowers from my cats too.
Beautiful work on this gorgeous flowers.

PrairieJill said...

Beautiful images! (I bought flowers at Trader Joe's this week, too! Such a nice treat, isn't it?)

Desirae R said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful pictures! I agree the ones with less sturation give them a lovely soft feel.

Nicki said...

Gorgeous flowers - I especially like the desaturated version of your one shot. Cats and plants - the never ending challenge of where to safely place a flower. I have one cat that thinks plastic grass is the best thing since sliced tuna.

Anki said...

Wonderful pictures, I like them all.

soozeedoozee said...

A lovely set of photos and texture.

Très Julie said...

I love the second one!
Grretings from Germany,

Teresa Schmid said...

That is beautiful!

Sharon said...

Lovely! The soft colors of the first 2 are especially appealing to me. My cat chomps on stems, too. My Easter lilies have little teeth marks in the greenery :)

tanja said...

That is beautiful! xxtanja

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Such beautiful flowers, love ranunculus and your photographs are lovely.

Happy Wednesday

Becs said...

Hi Sharon, I found you from Cassie Van Curen's blog. What a treasure your blog is! I love the runuculas. They are one of my favorite flowers. The colors are so romantic too! Lovely pics. Becs

kammkphotography said...

Beautiful, such a gorgeous flower and great processing.