Monday, April 16, 2012

Floral Spring

All photos processed with textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday at the Kim Klassen Cafe.

These past few days, I've been photographing a gorgeous bunch of flowers that I bought at the farmer's market. They were so beautiful, I just had to bring them home. 

Ah, yes. I love Spring.

I much prefer the multi-color bunch - the variety of colors just makes it that much yummier.

However, I do love my all-yellow daffodils. In this bunch, there was just one flower that was orange inside. It felt like finding a four leaf clover!

Textures create a wonderful artsy look to photos. There are so many ways you can affect your photos. I adore the brights in the flowers...

...but I also love a pastel dreamy look. Here I've shown two ways to treat the same photo. It's always hard to say which is my favorite.

And here's my Miss Gracie. Before I could get all set up and place the flowers on the table, she was up there claiming the space. Well, Miss Gracie, I'm just going to have to photograph you instead!



Nadege, said...

Beautifully done. Oh, I sooo love Miss Gracie.

Nicki said...

The multi-color bouquet is absolutely stunning. (I too have a set of whiskers who feels the need to inspect the photo op set each time)

Catherine said...

Your market flowers are so beautiful Sharon! I am afraid I am forced to buy 'spring' at my local flower stores as well as it seems to be passing us by here in Southwest Saskatchewan.

Love the colors and the textures of your photos and of course sweet Gracie looks extra cute! :)
xo Catherine

soozeedoozee said...

Wonderful floral shots. My favorite is the 5th of the buds up close.

Mona's Picturesque said...

Hi Sharon, Visiting from Texture Tuesday and you really stopped me here :) Your photos are amazing! I love every single one of them. Beautiful ♥

Rustique Gal said...

Sharon, I love what you've done with the pictures! They are so pretty and sweet. I keep collecting these lovely textures and not doing anything with them-your pictures are inspiring me though! Have a great day,
Hugs to you & the lovely Miss G,

Marilyn said...

I agree -- I'm in love with that pastel, dreamy look. Your flowers are lovely.

pradeepstainless said...

What beautiful pictures, they are so lucky to have a friend like you who does such great work.Cooware