Saturday, March 10, 2012

When the Cat is in the Mood to Pose, Capture it!

I love it when Miss Gracie stares straight into my camera and doesn't move. I'm never quite sure what she is thinking at the time.

Perhaps it's "let's get this over with" or "because I know you really want to do this, I'll hold still".

Regardless, I'll take what I can get! It's so funny how she can just stare, all the while I'm expecting her to jump up or to start bathing (Miss Gracie is a very fastidious girl).

She is such a sweetie pie - on this day she just wanted to hang out with me in "our" bedroom in the afternoon. However, she does not like it when I walk out of the room; sometimes she actually comes and retrieves me!

She especially likes it when I sit on my bed reading. That is her signal to hop on up and get cozy. However, she prefers to nap on the bed but underneath a robe, sweatshirt or sweater of mine. I have to leave the radio on for her as it lulls her to sleep and if I happen to step out, she is not as apt to notice. When she is ready to come out, she'll make tiny meows before peering her nose out from underneath. Finally, when she is up, I can get up too and not have to feel guilty! Oh, how we love our kitties.



Kristin_Texas said...

Ah, she's so pretty and photogenic.

And personally, I think she's hypnotizing you. :p


Laura K. Aiken said...

Oh how funny Sharon! Miss Gracie is posing for you. Such beautiful photos and you really capture her personality. Thanks for sharing.