Sunday, March 18, 2012

View From a Cold

Actually, I should say this is the view from my bed, which is where I've been the last five days with the nastiest cold. I awoke with the cold on Tuesday, and it gradually got worse during the day until I finally went home from work after having a few hours worth of chills. Then, the bed and I became fast friends. 

While lying there this afternoon, I noticed how pretty the soft light was coming into the room. I appreciated having the view in the corner with its lightness and pastel accents to look at. That's opposed to the nightstand full of cold medicines, magazines and radio. 

Miss Gracie has been a sweetie keeping me company, cat napping along with me on the bed or under the covers. We played the cat game where I move my toes under the covers and she jumps on them on top of the bed. What do cats think are under there?! And then she did the funniest thing last night. 

I had my glass of water and pills ready on the nightstand so when I needed to take them in the middle of the night, all I had to do was reach over. I was in bed talking on the phone when I noticed Gracie on the nightstand. Normally she jumps up there on her way to my bed when she wants to get under the covers. This time, she hesitated. She had to check out the items on the nightstand. After a few moments, when she hadn't continued on to my bed, I looked over. I almost broke out laughing when I saw her head all the way inside my water glass and her tongue lapping up the water. So much for the convenience of not having to get out of bed! On that note, it's back to bed once again - hoping this cold goes away soon. 



Laura K. Aiken said...

Oh my goodness Sharon, why is it that kitties love water so much? I have to cover my drink anytime I have it out, because my Gracie is sure to take a sip. :)
Enjoy your day

Laura K. Aiken said...

Oh I hope your cold is better real soon!

Marrianna said...

Just got to this post. I sure hope your cold is way better by now. I had my bouts of them in January and early February. Took some herbals from the naturopath, got 2 super duper IVs with lots of vitamins. and the worst of all? Had to STOP EATING SUGAR! Geez, that was the worst of everything.

Haven't had sugar since the February cold and am hoping I can stay this way. Not making any promises.

Even though you were taking pics from your sickbed, they are lovely as usual.


Rustique Gal said...

Dear Sharon,
Goodness, it's hard to have a cold when it is so nice outside. I hope you are on the mend! Thanks for your kind and sweet comments today re: Fluffy. We miss her, Snuggles and I! Glad to see Miss Gracie still loves to play the footsie game. Fluffy used to love it. Meanwhile Snuggles is thriving on the added attention and love she is getting.
Hugs to you both!