Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Cherry Blossom Time!

You know what I love about February and March? 

It's cherry blossom time.

I'm lucky to have several cherry blossom trees right in front of my house. My city also has a lot of these trees around town, so I can see them every day when I'm out and about.

One of the shopping centers is dotted with white cherry blossoms which is so beautiful.

The trees by my house are traditional pink - how lucky for me, as that is my favorite color (wink, wink, as if you didn't know).

The worst part? These lovely trees are only in bloom for maybe six weeks or so.

Now is the time to enjoy them before they disappear. 

I photographed these around mid-day today on a very spring-like day with temperatures above 70 degrees. Tomorrow we are back to cooler weather in the low 60s which is still very nice considering that technically it is still winter. Just two more weeks until it is officially spring!



Jo said...

fabulous photos! i love cherry blossoms but haven't seen any on my little bit of the world yet ...

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, so pretty! We have a while to wait up here in Massachusetts,but the sap is running and the maple sugarhouses are open for business. Spring is right around the corner!