Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little More Heart

It's still Valentine's week, right? 

I affixed these lovely postcards to my new display.

Guarded by birds!

Favorite things.

Here's to a sweet ending for this week. 

What's in store for you this President's holiday weekend? 

It so happens that this year my birthday falls on the holiday weekend and I always take my birthday as a vacation day, so I'll have an extra long weekend. First up: IKEA. Second: Cheesecake Factory. Third: the new antiques and collectables flea market in my area. After that: a bit of this and a bit of that. Organizing, reading, cooking, maybe a hair cut, a self portrait to commemorate my new age and just enjoying the days off. Hope yours is a fabulous weekend, too!



Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, Sharon...
I LOVE the heart! It's beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of birthday surprises!
Hugs to you and Miss Gracie.
Donna and Tag

Nicki said...

I absolutely adore the birdcage memo board and drool every time you include it. With the old fashion Valentines - well it is simply sublime.

Marrianna said...

The birdcage bulletin board is absolutely one of the greatest treasures I've seen in a long time. And your clean and sweet style of photographing and decorating has inspired me to declutter my house - in micro movements. Keep up the great work. Happy birthday and I look forward to photos of the Cheesecake Factory and the antique & flea market treasures.


Rustique Gal said...

This heart is so special, I LOVE it! I love the typography on it. Is it one of your collectibles? And your birdcage memo board tickles me! I want one!
Have a lovely birthday weekend, friend, and enjoy your shopping.