Saturday, January 14, 2012

Think Spring

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we've been having very spring-like weather. Last month was the second warmest December in history since the 1800's when they began tracking the weather. Yes, we do have frost in the morning hours, but each day is sunny and bright with rain just a distant memory. 

It's been so spring-like, that I did not change my living and dining room decor to the usual red accents this winter. It is winter, isn't it? Oh yes, I see that we do have rain forecast for some time next week. However, it's just a matter of weeks before the cherry blossom trees outside my window begin to bloom. The good news is that due to snowpacks that lasted until May and June last year, our water reservoirs are doing fine right now. Well, I guess I wouldn't mind a little rain - and neither would my flowers outside. But for today, another one sunny and bright, I'll just continue to think spring.



Marrianna said...

It's like Spring in Arizona, too. At this time of the year, we usually have a foot of snow on the ground, or more. It's incredibly dry up here in Flagstaff at 7,000 ft. elevation. And our little ski area doesn't have enough snow on the ground to continue the season. However, we've been known to get 3 ft. of snow in March. One can only hope. BTW, love the photos.

Marrianna said...

Me, again. I've visited some of the "you might also like" links at the end of today's blog post and enjoyed them a lot. We don't have "flea markets" in Arizona like you have in your area or like I found in Maryland and Georgia. I envy you.

Anyway, there were a couple of posts about some swaps that I was interested in learning more about: (1) vintage fabric book swap in Jan. 2010; and (2) an April Apron Swap in 2010 or 2011 (didn't write the date down). Thanks.

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jewellers said...

Love the images, so pretty and orderly. Colour is vibrant and great to look at too.