Monday, January 2, 2012

Pink Cupcake Love

Ohhh, a tiny little cupcake with pink frosting. Too pretty to be eaten! 

So I had to take it home just to photograph it.

There was a tray of these tiny cupcakes at work, so I knew I had to have one just to bring home. Since I've been photographing cupcakes for a while now, I've noticed that cupcakes actually last quite a long time if you don't plan to eat them. I've left them on the counter and in the refrigerator; it turns out that they can actually last for months!

I set this sweet little gal on my new cupcake pedestal upon which I placed a gold doily. Speaking of doilies, my big kitty Nipper got into my doily folder this weekend, took out a silver heart doily and had quite the time playing with it! Miss Gracie was sleeping upstairs when I took these photos and arrived too late to get her licks in. Maybe she was full from the frosting she managed to eat the night before. I think cream cheese frosting is her favorite. And yes, I photographed that too!



Marrianna said...

New mantra: "I will look at cupcake photos on Sharon's blog and I will leave in-person cupcakes at the bakerie." Oh, this looks really good on an empty stomach. Excellent photos. I like your style.

Love the cupcake pedestal. I may have to look for one for my dolls. I got 2 new dolls for Christmas and posted photos on my blog.

Oh, I got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and am enjoying playing with the apps. Decided the price prohibited the iPad. Thank you for the review in 2011.

Catherine said...

Gosh ~ look at how pretty it is over here!! Kitties, Crafts, Sweets and lovely photos! Oh yes, a very nice place to visit. Lovely.

I will be back!
xo Catherine

Milady Leela said...

So Pretty Sharon!!!!
Happy New Year Love♥

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Your little cupcake is so pretty and who would have thought they would last that long.
In our house, they would probably be eaten.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012.