Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Cupcake Love

Can you guess what kind of cupcake this is? It's actually Red Velvet. However, when I shot these in the evening in my yellow kitchen, I got some very strong color casts so I removed some of the color. I actually like this muted look, but it does make it hard to tell what the flavor is!

And what do you think happened here? If you guessed Miss Gracie, the cupcake-eating kitty, you are right. As you can see, she certainly got her licks in! She really liked that cream cheese frosting.

However, my sis and I did manage to split the rest when she was done. But it's almost impossible to photograph it until she has had her fill. 

I have to be quick before she smells it and hears the click of my camera.

Along with the Red Velvet, we also had a super chocolatey, yummy chocolate Rocky Road cupcake. Mini marshmallows, nuts and plenty of chocolate. 

Since chocolate is poisonous to cats, Miss Gracie was not allowed anywhere near this one! The two cupcakes were a New Year's present from a lovely coworker. What a sweet surprise!


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