Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Sharing

Today, I'm Happy
A new antiques and collectibles faire is coming to a town right near me. Yes, once a month beginning in mid-February, according to the email I received. I'm so excited as I won't have to travel across the bay area anymore. Well, I will still go to my favorite flea market in Cupertino, especially because it's near a huge Whole Foods Market that is like the Disneyland of food. Opening day is on my birthday; what a great way to start that special day. Who knows what I may find...

Yesterday, I Was Slightly Less Happy
Picnik has informed its users (including moi) that it is closing its website on April 19th. If you haven't tried this photo-editing program, you have a few months to do so. It's so good, that I rarely use Photoshop Elements anymore. Apparently, many of its tools are being added to Google+. I really don't want to use Google+ (even though I have an account) as it's similar to Facebook. However, I will check it out as I will truly miss Picnik. Oh, and its Premium features are now free for everyone to use while it's still up, so have some fun editing your photos. You can even add cool effects, frames and make collages easily. Try it!

(And yes, I know this is really trivial in the bigger scheme of things but I could not help but being just a little bit bummed - it's my favorite editing program!)



Laura K. Aiken said...

Hi Sharon, I too have been a long time user of Picnik. I am also mourning the loss of it's use. I have started playing with Picsa 3 and have been fairly happy. I use PhotoShop when I have the patience or time. I love it but find I try to do too much. So here we are again. If I find something else that I like I will let you know.
Happy Friday.

Luminoso Blu said...

Totally with you on the Picnik issue! I am trying my hardest to learn Photoshop but it's so tough... Hope you had a great weekend!

June said...

I have never tired Picnik Sharon, but have heard many others not too happy about this. I've only used Picasa 3. I haven't ever tried photoshop, but I think I need to learn.
sending hugs...

Dori Melton said...

Hi Sharon,
I live in Oakland so I'm dieing to know more about this new flea market. Do tell?

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Have never used Picnik, but understand you being annoyed at it soon to be, no longer been available.
Do hope that you can pick up something lovely at the Antique Fair for your birthday.

Happy weekend