Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Say Yes To An Organized Closet

What did I do this past weekend? Organized my linen closet, with the help of my mom and Miss Gracie, too. It feels so great to have everything sorted, containerized and labeled. The closet shelves are very deep so things tended to get in disarray. Now that items are in containers, it will be so much easier to keep things neat. Miss Gracie and Nipper aren't quite as happy, but I think they'll adjust. 



Kristin_Texas said...

Looks great! This was one of my resolutions actually. Lol! To clean the guestroom closet.

The good news is I have until December to get around to it. :p


Rustique Gal said...

That closet looks great! It is amazing what a little organization can do to simplify our lives. I'm working on a whole house organization, which may take all year! Meanwhile I get to look over all my old magazines before throwing them out. That should take a few weeks in itself, and a few tons out of the house!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Your organized closet is so neat and tidy, must be such a good feeling.

Hugs to you and Miss Gracie

T's Daily Treasures said...

I was on a great start redoing the kids room and getting organized in there but we went back to school and that was the end of that. Can't seem to get motivated again and there's still so much to do in there and in every other room here. My fridge is kinda like your linen closet -- everything in the back gets forgotten about. It needs to be cleaned out to. Ugh! Best wishes for the weekend. Tammy