Sunday, August 28, 2011

Living and Loving the Crafty Life? Check out Mollie Makes, a New Magazine Just for You

Living & Loving Handmade
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So says the cover of this new British magazine, Mollie Makes. I discovered this gem at my local Barnes and Noble bookstore recently. I don't know how long it's been around but I was glad to find it. Inside, you'll find an eclectic mix of articles. 

In tea and a chat with... Dottie Angel, I enjoyed reading about this Brit who lives in Seattle. This blogger has created an alter ego who writes about her life as a creative and the discoveries she has made along the way, along with some great photos of her home and creative space.

Ruffles and more ruffles. This just may be the reason I bought this magazine. No, I can't resist anything with ruffles. Ever. I'm particularly loving the white ruffled throw on the bed.

Fabulous stitched eggs...

...with easy instructions. I just wanted to run out and make these. That is, until I remembered all the other projects I want to make, just waiting for me to start. Ah, if only there were more hours in the day.

Happy little garlands - oh, yes. 

Learn how to create the fabric garlands with Lola Nova (she lives in a little green cottage in the Pacific Northwest here in the states - it's an interesting mix of UK and US content).

Take a peek inside the home of Paula Mills and learn how she adds character to her home. She describes her style as "very much flea market, junk shop, charity shop". My kind of gal!

She has a fabulous vintage style that's very homey. 

You too can throw a marvelous summer party, especially when you use the ideas provided here. I'm debating whether to remove my jarful of ribbons to use the Ball canning jar as a vase, as shown here. These jars are good for so many things (regretting giving most away at my last garage sale!).

Have a collection of vintage items? Here, it's vintage Bambi. But that's not all. Vintage birds are affixed to some branches. That certainly is bringing the outdoors in. Not sure my Gracie and Nipper would like that; on the other hand it may be just want my cats want - their own birds in the house!

Thanks to all for letting me know that this new magazine has published three or issues. I just purchased issue number three yesterday but it has content related to the month of July. Given that it's now September, it appears this British magazine is taking a slow steamship to America! In any regard, I'll look forward to the August issue in October!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time for School

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. Well, if we had more summer-like weather, I might feel differently. But, school is already in session in many areas. Wouldn't you like to take these pink and orange pencils to school?

Back to school means it's time to hit the books. I mourn the day that actual books disappear. Is it possible that one day we'll only read books on digital devices? I hope not, I have too many fond memories of growing up with books: reading to my little sister, hiding under the covers while reading Nancy Drew (yes, I was scared of what might happen next!), joining the reading club at the library during summer vacation. 

There's nothing like holding a paper book in your hands, turning each page anxiously awaiting what's next, and using the receipt as a bookmark. Oh yes, the digital books might look pretty on the screen, but I'm not ready to jump into the digital world 100% just yet.

All images created using textures by Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
Give me a good old fashion pencil and a notebook and I'm a happy camper. What about you?


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make Your Cards Moo


Do your cards moo? Mine do. 

If you love to shoot photos, then you have to check out Moo. 

With Moo, you can create cards that are customized with your own photos. And, you can even have every card use a different photo. So if you order 50 cards, you can use 50 different photos, or any combination of photos you choose. 

On the other side, you can choose from one of several colors. I selected pink (natch!) for mine. I had a promotional code for 50 free cards which I used. However, in order to get the cards for free, they include a black strip with Moo information on the front. This is similar to what Vista Print does. I could have had it without the strip, but I wanted to take advantage of this promotion (all I had to pay was shipping).

I chose 50 different photos for this set including some floral photos, as well scenes from my home and one of the fabulous Miss Gracie. And did I mention the great quality of the paper stock? They are smooth, sturdy, and feel good to the touch.

In addition to business cards, you can get mini-cards (way too cute) just like the full size ones, but tinier. They also have postcards, stickers and greeting cards to choose from - all made with your own photos! People enjoy receiving such a personalized card and it feels good giving them, too. This is just way too much fun; you can check them out here

So, how do you Moo?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gracie the Cat Plays iPad Game

That's right. My best buddy cat Gracie plays on the Apple iPad. Some genius invented an app for the iPad called Game for Cats. And she is addicted!

Gracie's talent has even made it in the press. Today she was featured on SF Gate, the online home of the San Francisco Chronicle and she'll be in the newspaper tomorrow. Just click on the link above to read the full article.

My Miss Gracie loves her iPad. I'll often find her just laying next to it, purring away. The giant cheese and darting mouse are just too irresistible for a kitty this curious and this smart. 

If you'd like to see her in action, you can check her out here. This cute kitty just can't get enough of the iPad. My Gracie, the world's smartest cat. Now get that mousie, Grace!


Sunday, August 7, 2011


One of my new favorite flowers is the peony. About a month ago, I finally bought a bunch at my local Trader Joe's. What a surprise they were!

Who knew they went through so many stages of flowering? Not I, certainly!

They are such soft, frilly, lovely flora specimens. 

I love the different shades of white, pink and yellow that appeared.

Each stage brought new colors and a new look.

I'm already looking forward to next Spring again!

Even Miss Gracie had to discover the new flowers. 

Of course, I still love my gerbera daisies, tulips, pansies and roses...

but now I love peonies, too.