Monday, December 5, 2011

iPad or Other Tablet - Which to Buy?

Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon's Kindle Fire or other? Marrianna is trying to decide which tablet to buy and asked my opinion. If you ask Miss Gracie, clearly the answer is iPad! She still loves her Game for Cats. 

When I purchased the iPad, it was the only tablet available that I was aware of. There might have been something else on the market, but it was not a viable category until Apple introduced the iPad. And it is fabulous. 

However, I do have to say that if were buying today, I would have some other considerations. Apple is the market leader. The iPad, like all of their products, is the easiest and most intuitive to use. It also has the most apps on the market. And, it's one of the most expensive. While I love the iPad (and I'm sure I'd love the iPad 2 even more), it is something that I use at home, partially due to its size. I think it would be fabulous to have a smaller size tablet that is more portable. But honestly, I have an iPhone so do I really need to take it with me? 

The Kindle Fire is getting a lot of good press, largely due to its lower price point and competitive features. It makes sense to take a serious look at it. But you also have to consider what you want to do with the tablet. And some people are Apple diehards and just would not consider anything else. My advice would be to do a side to side comparison, ask people who own both, and read reviews. Then, evaluate them based upon what you believe your actual uses will be (but trust me, you'll wind up doing more than you ever imagined). Either way, you are bound to love the one you buy. 

I think the tablet market is just like other new technologies. The first few years, the prices tend to be steep but as others enter the market, prices begin to go down. A 32 inch flat screen tv can be purchased for one third or less of the price paid just a few years ago. Eventually the tablet market will be the same and most people will own one. 

Are you buying a tablet this holiday season? If so, what do you plan to buy?



Marrianna said...

Thanks you for posting this review. I visited our only Best Buy store and looked at the different tablets. I'm still liking the iPad and when I purchase it, it will be my first Apple product. However, since I haven't purchased it yet, maybe some of your readers will give other suggestions. I'm going to subscribe to follow-up comments to this post and see what happens. I'm also going to post the question on Facebook.

Take care, Marrianna

Kana Conger said...

I am an Apple girl, just got the IPhone and love it! Also have the IPad2 and it is great as well!! Sharon, do you blog on your IPad? I would love to learn how!