Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Kitty

It was actually two birthdays last Monday...

Yes, T had a big birthday this year.

And we enjoyed fabulous pink velvet cupcakes from the teacake bake shop.

What are pink velvet cupcakes? According to the gal at the bakery, they are just like red velvet except they have more cocoa. Yum! Our friend, Patti, brought over these delicious cakes. But that's not all.

She also made a stop at Starbucks to purchase this teeny tiny cupcake for the other birthday girl. And who might that be?

Well, Miss Gracie of course! My Grace turned six years old on Monday and she got her favorite dessert too. Gracie just loves cupcake frosting. Hers was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting which she enjoyed while we wished her a happy sixth birthday. 

A while later, I served a special birthday dinner for my sister, setting three place settings for the three of us. Gracie jumped up onto the fourth chair and joined us for the entire dinner.  She didn't have any pasta though, that was just for the people. Happy Birthday, Gracie girl!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Happy birthday to Miss Gracie and your sister. The cupcake looks delicious and would have been a lovely treat.

Hope that you are having a great week


Milady Leela said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun♥
Cupcakes are truly the BEST!!!!