Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wouldn't You Like a Pretty Pink Donut?

Lately, I've been eyeing this pink donut at Starbucks.

Do I eat donuts? No.

But, you may remember how much I love to photograph cupcakes. I guess I can't resist any food that just looks so pretty and sweet.

So even though I don't eat them, I sprung for the dollar to buy one. 

The funny thing is that I left it in my kitchen for a week or two when I was through and it never changed, but it did land with a thud when I picked it up and dropped it back on the plate.

I imagined sitting down to this donut with a glass of milk...

Or perhaps a spot of tea.

I hope it was delicious - it certainly was one of the prettiest donuts I've seen. And with little white polka dots to boot!



Deanna said...

Beautiful set, I have been known to buy something pretty like your doughnut just to photograph it. I had to giggle when you picked it up a week later and it landed with a thud.

kana said...

It is pretty, but alas, I agree with you. I rarely eat
donuts!! Hope you are doing well!

❀ JoAnne said...

That is a very pretty donut ~such a soft, feminine shade of pink! I hate to admit it but I would love to eat it too!
Miss Gracie looks a lot like our kitty, Sox. Maybe they're related : ) ! I call him my "Blog Boss"!

June said...

I enjoyed it immensely Sharon!!!! I love your beautiful photos! So funny that you don't eat them either...I allow myself two or three a year and that's IT!!!

I also loved the visit to Elizabeth Gamble Garden. Beautiful!
sending you a big hug...

Milady Leela said...
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Milady Leela said...

Very Lovely pictures and post Sharon.

Princess of Eboli said...

Hello: with yours donuts you make me hungry, they are super pictures, in this year I haven't eat any donut but I am going to the donut shop soon....

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I love your pretty pink doughnut photos, especially on the polka dot plate.
I would enjoy sitting there with you having a cup of tea.

Have a happy weekend

Rustique Gal said...

What self control you have, buying it and watching it sit there for a week. I don't eat donuts either, but it sure looks delectable in the pictures. Cute!!!

{oc cottage} said...

Too funny!My niece works at Starbucks and she brings me these donuts when they don't sell...just so I can take pictures of them! {FYI...I think they taste like BLIK!!! Being "props" is their ONLY saving grace! ;}

m ^..^