Sunday, September 4, 2011

Memo to Self: Don't Forget to Hang the Memo Board

A Fanciful Memo Board

Do you like memo boards? I found this black and cream damask pattern memo board at Marshall's recently. Well, actually it was a few months ago; it's been in my garage since then. Often times items made with a padded filling have a bit of a smell to them, so I had to let it wear off before I could bring it back into the house. Actually, I was afraid I might have to sell it at a garage sale but luckily it worked out since I love the black and white pattern. 

I've been taking advantage of some Shutterfly specials this year to print some of my photos, which have been stacking up. So this was perfect for displaying some of them. Right now it's leaning against the wall, propped up on my desk near my computer. It's just one more thing I need to find a place for on my wall. I'm quite happy with the result, though. Do you have a favorite memo board?



Debbie said...

I get it, it's all about the baby steps. Why rush into things, take your time let things simmer. I live by these word. ha ha
I love the memo board and the pictures. I'm sure it will look just amazing once you get it hung.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Love your new memo board with all your beautiful photos on it.
I have a big board near my desk which I love looking at all the lovely things I have on it.

Have a happy new week

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Sharon,
I do have a fave memo board. It is a big sheet of foamcore covered with my favorite Waverly fabric. On it are cartoons and greeting cards I love along with pictures of my favorite niece as a baby, some of my old craft projects, etc.
Your pictures are gorgeous and I love them on the B&W print. Have a great week!