Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make Your Cards Moo


Do your cards moo? Mine do. 

If you love to shoot photos, then you have to check out Moo. 

With Moo, you can create cards that are customized with your own photos. And, you can even have every card use a different photo. So if you order 50 cards, you can use 50 different photos, or any combination of photos you choose. 

On the other side, you can choose from one of several colors. I selected pink (natch!) for mine. I had a promotional code for 50 free cards which I used. However, in order to get the cards for free, they include a black strip with Moo information on the front. This is similar to what Vista Print does. I could have had it without the strip, but I wanted to take advantage of this promotion (all I had to pay was shipping).

I chose 50 different photos for this set including some floral photos, as well scenes from my home and one of the fabulous Miss Gracie. And did I mention the great quality of the paper stock? They are smooth, sturdy, and feel good to the touch.

In addition to business cards, you can get mini-cards (way too cute) just like the full size ones, but tinier. They also have postcards, stickers and greeting cards to choose from - all made with your own photos! People enjoy receiving such a personalized card and it feels good giving them, too. This is just way too much fun; you can check them out here

So, how do you Moo?


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